Saturday, June 11, 2016

Meeting New People is Challenging

Meeting people is somewhow part of our life. Friends that we have at the moment may come and go.

I started to feel this kind of thing when my boyfriend cheated on me. We have been together for almost eleven years and I was totally shocked when he dymped me. I didn't do anything wrong. My only fault as far as I know is to love him with all of my heart and soul.

And the worst thing is he chose our newly met friend over me. Maybe, this is God's plan. I believe that.

Anyway, it has been 6 months of not being together and have decided to totally cut off my communication with him. There are things that I consider before moving on(at first, I can't really make it). I really struggled to do this because he only occupied my brain and I didn't focus to what I am doing. 

I tried to fill the emptiness within by searching guys online but it seems useless. I don't trust local guys here maybe because of the language barrier or culture shock or it made me think that all of them are the same.

For now, I am searching guys from Western. I want to try my luck to have a white boyfriend. Hope it would be possible.

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