Wednesday, July 16, 2008


  • Meridien Hotel
      Mostly straight crowd.
  • Millenium Sauna and Fitness Centre
      4/F Millenium Hotel, 3 Jln Fachrudin, Jakarta Pusat, 230-3636. Jakarta's most popular sauna for PLUs. Crowd is mostly Chinese
  • Mulia HoteGym and sauna. It's very discreet and very clean. Jacuzzi and steam room. The best time to go is after 8pm. The crowd is mixed local and foreigners.
  • Odysseus Fitness Centre and Spa
      Nikko Hotel, 59 Jln M.H. Thamrin (opposite the Grand Hyatt Hotel), 390-6452. Open daily 6am

  • Bina Rejeki Massage (blind massage)
      19 Jln Petojo Sabangan, 381-3284. All rooms have air-con.
  • Friendly Body Scrub Massage
      Jln Matraman 59, appointments: 081-2883-3890, email. Massage for men. In or out call.
  • Jaka Massage
      Jln Mansel 29. Appointments: 9295-0738, email. Indian, Arabic, Sundanese, Javanese and other ethnic masseurs. Free snacks and drinks. Air con rooms. Outcall only.
  • Mandiri Massage (blind massage)
      1-E Jln Tanah Abang II, 381-2662. Aside from massage this place is also a popular PLU cruising place where gays go to socialize.

    4 Jln Talang Betutu, Jakarta Pusat, 3192-4467, email. Bigger (600sqm) and better location two blocks away from it's former location. Just a short walk from the Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, and the Westin. A meeting place for Jakarta’s gay community, visiting businessmen and tourists. The Spa features 9 aircon massage rooms; a wet spa area with sauna, steam and jacuzzi; a large locker room, reflexology; a small gym; and a lounge for relaxing. . The masseurs are friendly, professional, all with over 240 hours of training, and you may select different masseurs for each treatment you take. Manager, Bennie, will be pleased to assist you and will show you the album of available staff. Massage choices include traditional Indonesian techniques, Thai, Swedish, a combination called the Total Relaxation experience, and the "20 fingers" 9M Massage

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